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The Recycled Material Standard is the core of the RMS Program. The standards have been developed through a multi-stakeholder consensus process, focusing on clear rules, definitions, and guidelines to create an even playing field among competitors and a strong assurance mechanism for brands and consumers. Certified participants will play a key role in advancing the use of recycled materials.

The RMS Framework, Plastic Module, Plastic Material Classification, Label and Trademark Guidelines, and other supporting policies and resources are available for download below. We encourage interested parties to sign up here for updates and announcements as additional resources are published.

  • Standards & Guidance
    • The RMS Framework – released May 6, 2021
      The Recycled Material Standard (RMS) Framework provides the core set of criteria for certification to the RMS for any material sector. The Material Modules are intended to supplement the Framework with additional material-specific criteria, definitions, and examples.
    • The RMS Plastics Module – released May 6, 2021
      This Module applies to plastic-based material intended to be certified to the Recycled Material Standard. The requirements contained in this Module shall be considered binding and necessary for RMS certification of plastic-based materials.
    • The RMS Plastic Material Classification – released November 2, 2021
      For the purposes of certification and chain of custody in accordance with the RMS, all plastic-based materials shall be classified according to the categories presented in the RMS Plastic Material Classification. This document is subject to change as participants make requests for material designations.
    • The RMS Label and Trademark Guidelines – released November 2, 2021
      The RMS plays a critical role in advancing the use of recycled materials. Companies that support these efforts will be eligible to use labels to identify products and packages that use recycled materials – or in the case of ARC purchases to demonstrate their support for investments in recycling.
  • Policies
    • RMS Participant Application – released November 10, 2021
    • RMS Participant Terms and Conditions – released November 1, 2021
    • RMS Good Practice Principles – released June 30, 2021
      The Good Practice Principles serve as a means to maintain the integrity of the RMS Program, ensuring that participating companies are supporting the greater good in key sustainability impact areas. All participating organizations must sign an attestation that they comply with these guiding principles on an annual basis.
    • RMS Fee Schedule – released June 30, 2021
      This document describes the fees that apply to program participants that are certified to RMS Standards and/or choose to participate in the certificate trading platform known as the RMS ARC Registry.
    • RMS Complaints and Appeals Process – released June 30, 2021
      This document lays out the process for addressing complaints or appeals related to participants that are certified to the Recycled Material Standard (RMS).
    • RMS Standards Maintenance – released June 30, 2021
      This document serves as a record of the RMS standards development process and sets forth the policy for the continuous maintenance process.
    • RMS Recognition of Other Standards – pending
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