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Recycled Material Standard Available for Public Review

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*Note: This is the draft standard with revisions pending

After nearly two years of development, the Recycled Material Standard (RMS) has now been released for a public review and comment period.  The RMS will be the only standard that offers both a mechanism for assuring claims of recycled content by corporations and offers a certificate trading system that directly incentivizes value chain participants to invest to grow recycling capability and capacity.

During this public comment period, feedback is solicited from supply chain members across all manufacturing segments, NGOs, and other stakeholders with interests in the standard. In addition to providing comments on the standard, participants are asked to provide feedback on the first of the material modules – the Plastics Module. This module defines how the principles of the RMS apply specifically to the plastics recycling value chain. Future modules will be developed for other materials.

In order for stakeholders to be able to provide the most substantive feedback during the public comment period, the RMS team organized two webinars covering key elements of the standard.  Presentation slides from these webinars are now available, along with a recording of the presentations.  The first webinar focused on the rationale for our approach to certification, types of claims and control systems, definitions of recycled materials under the RMS, and the two types of chain of custody claims allowed under the standard, while the second webinar included a deep dive on the Attributes of Recycled Content (ARC) certificate trading system, including additionality tests, eligibility criteria for existing processors, reinvestment criteria, the ARC registry, and the process to retire certificates and make claims.



RMS Program Documentation

The Recycled Material Standard is the core of the RMS Program. The standards have been developed through a multi-stakeholder consensus process, focusing on clear rules, definitions, and guidelines to create an even playing field among competitors and a strong assurance mechanism for brands and consumers. Certified participants will play a key role in advancing the use of recycled materials. As the RMS Program is in early stages of development, many documents are pending release. Interested companies are encouraged to sign up on our contact form and to revisit this site for updates.

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Download the RMS and Plastics Module here

A sixty day public comment period was conducted to gather input from interested stakeholders. A summary of this phase can be found here. All comments have been taken into consideration as part of the standard development process.