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The Recycled Material Standard

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RMS Certification is a comprehensive platform that maximizes a company’s ability to utilize recycled content. It is the only certification providing Chain of Custody validation for all recycling processes, all accounting methods, and all of a company’s facilities on a single certificate.

The RMS Path to Certification is our new program that helps companies start with RMS and prepare for certification. This guided program simplifies a complex process and supports you through every step. With specially designed tools and training, we’ll identify your company’s unique needs and provide a tailored solution that accelerates the timeline for successful RMS adoption.

Path to Certification is a complimentary service from GreenBlue and does not require completion of a certification audit. You’ll be able to explore the opportunities within RMS and understand the resources necessary to support certification without a financial investment.

Book an introduction call with our team and start on your path to Advance the Use of Recycled Material today.

Steps on the Path

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