Prepare for Certification

Note: The current version of the standard is a draft for public comment. Companies wishing to pursue certification should not apply for participation until the final version is made available.

Step 1

  • Review the RMS Framework and Plastics Module to see if your company can meet the requirements of the standards. 

Step 2  

  • Complete and submit an application for participation in the RMS program.  

Step 3

  • Develop an RMS management system and implement the standard.

Step 4

  • Contact an approved certification body (list will be provided here soon).

Step 5

  • The certification body will complete the initial conformance audit.  If the operation meets the RMS requirements and submits payment for the Certification Administration Fee, the participant will receive a certificate from the certification body.

Step 6

  • The certification body will submit a summary report to GreenBlue so the certified participant can be entered into the certificate database on the RMS website and ARC Registry (if trading ARCs). 

Step 7

  • Once the participant is certified and agrees to follow the Rules for Use of RMS On Product Labels, it can seek approval from GreenBlue to use appropriate RMS labels.

Step 8

  • An annual conformance audit conducted by the certification body must be conducted to maintain RMS certification.  The scope of the conformance audit will depend on outcomes from prior audits.