Prepare for Certification

Note: The RMS Framework, Plastic Module, and Plastic Material Classifications are now available to download.  Companies may begin to prepare for participation, however we have not yet announced eligible certification bodies and other implementation pieces are still under development (e.g. a certificate database and the ARC registry). We encourage interested parties to sign up for updates and announcements here.

Step 1

  • Review the RMS Framework and Plastics Module to see if your company can meet the requirements of the standards. 

Step 2  

  • Complete and submit an application for participation in the RMS program.  

Step 3

  • Develop an RMS management system and implement the standard.

Step 4

  • Contact an approved certification body (list will be provided here soon).

Step 5

  • The certification body will complete the initial conformance audit.  If the operation meets the RMS requirements and submits payment for the Certification Administration Fee, the participant will receive a certificate from the certification body.

Step 6

  • The certification body will submit a summary report to GreenBlue so the certified participant can be entered into the certificate database on the RMS website and ARC Registry (if trading ARCs). 

Step 7

  • Once the participant is certified and agrees to follow the Rules for Use of RMS On Product Labels, it can seek approval from GreenBlue to use appropriate RMS labels.

Step 8

  • An annual conformance audit conducted by the certification body must be conducted to maintain RMS certification.  The scope of the conformance audit will depend on outcomes from prior audits.