Recycled Material Standard and the U.S. Plastics Pact PCR Certification Principles — Aligned Coordination and Optimal Utility

By: Ross Bergman

February 6, 2024

In line with the Recycled Material Standard’s mission to Advance the Use of Recycled Materials, our team has been supportive of the US Plastic Pact’s recent publishing of PCR Certification Principles. To assist Activators in reporting confidently to the 2025 Target of 30% PCR in plastic packaging, they have outlined criteria that brands should seek when comparing third-party certification standards.

The RMS, having been developed through SPC member input, is a comprehensive and transparent standard, incredibly well aligned with the Certification Principles. We’re launching a new guidance document highlighting the different ways brands can utilize RMS certified material to meet and go beyond their 30% target.

No other standard combines ISO-compliant Chain of Custody with all accounting systems endorsed by the Pact – Average Content, Mass Balance, and Book & Claim (ARC certificates in RMS). RMS also meets the specific requirements for mass balance including proportional allocation and a fuel exemption for chemical recycling. 

In addition to the guidance document, the SPC held a webinar breaking down the Certification Principles, and providing insight from the RMS team and industry leader Amcor on how companies can embrace certification as a suite of solutions. As brands look to build their full PCR portfolio, RMS is a comprehensive single standard that will consolidate your internal management while providing expansive new options for sourcing PCR, and validating  end-of-life stewardship. Take a look at the guide, watch the webinar, and get in touch with our team today about how you can start your Path to Certification and accelerate PCR sourcing for 2025.