Why did the RMS start with a plastic module?

While the RMS Framework was designed to be applicable to multiple material types, plastics was selected for the first module based on feedback from stakeholders, including SPC member companies. Many companies have near-term goals related to the use of recycled plastics, such as through the Ellen MacArthur Foundation New Plastics Economy Global Commitment or the US Plastics Pact, which they are struggling to meet. We anticipate that the RMS Plastics Module will help these companies meet their goals.

The RMS is an important tool to advance the use of recycled materials and foster investments in recycling. Given the focus on the global plastics pollution issue, we believe there was urgency to prioritizing plastics as the first module. By creating more demand for plastics and adding value to the recycling system, we can increase the opportunity for recovery and help ensure plastics are managed responsibly.